Infrastructure & Hardware Maintenance 

It’s a worldwide trend to outsource computer maintenance. Eliminate or Reduce I.T. Staff. Eliminate annual, sick, compassionate or any other type of leave. To gain the competitive edge. Don’t have the wool pulled over your eyes, get genuine advice. Peace of mind and increases salability of the business. Our staff is updated with the latest I.T solutions. Enable your company to trade over the internet with reduced problems. Management of staff access reducing risk and costs. Software repairs / support performed remotely ( Optional).

We provide local computer network maintenance for optimal performance. The local computer network maintenance is done according to your needs. During the maintenance we perform such tasks like computer network load and permeability testing, computer network connection defect detection and prevention, computer network integrity testing and computer network device configuration conformity testing.

Hardware maintenance is intended for keeping its performance capability at a constant rate for a longer period of time. Activities performed in maintenances consist of hearing the user opinions on hardware performance, its integrity test, device driver renewal and parameter coordination, hardware software upgrade, installment of newest software upgrades and versions on demand, hardware configuration conformity test, UPS operation test.


  • Ad-Hoc Support – No Obligation to fixed contract IT support services
  • SLA – Service level Agreement – Fixed Monthly IT Support Services
  • Remote Support Services both Ad-hoc and SLA clients
  • Scheduled maintenance window
  • Review logs for important events, alerts or trends
  • Migrate workloads off server
  • Complete physical inspection
  • Check airflow
  • Replace or add hardware components as needed
  • Run a hard-disk scan
  • Evaluate and test any necessary patches or updates
  • Update firmware if necessary
  • Update/patch operating system if necessary
  • Update monitoring/management agents if necessary
  • Test system before returning workloads to services
  • Schedule next maintenance